Hari Tea

Bring the temple to your own home with Hari Tea. Hari products are based out of the yogic tradition as taught by Yogi Bhajan. For centuries the yogis, in the search for finding a balanced and harmonious life with themselves and their environment, developed the following techniques, like meditation, ayurveda, yantra, numerology, astrology and healing.

The tea is based on this yogic tradition and therefore divided in four categories: spiritual, mental, physical and inspirational. You can paint your own wellness by drinking the right tea on the right time. Each tea has it's own description, please see all the products below.

Hari Tea is organic herbal tea and the tea leaves and/or herbs are contained in a 100% cotton bag, without staples or use of glue. All pure nature.
You can make two cups of tea with one teabag and a box contains 13 bags of tea. The special Buddha Box has 11 bags of tea, all 11 flavours to try out or nice to give away as a present. It's like opening a temple when you open the box. A little book with description of all the varieties is included. This tea is really my favourite!

Hari tea supports the Sat Nam Rasayan Foundation, a non-profit association for meditation and healing.

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