HEM Indian incense

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Different scents of HEM in a hexagonal box with 20 sticks of incense.

Aloe vera
A cool enchanting fragrance. A cactus extract known for its miraculous medicinal properties.

Discover the unique fragrance of Lotus incense. The essence of the exotic lotus flower of the Orient is captured for you in this feminine floral lotus incense.

White Sage
Fresh, herbal and slightly woody fragrance. White sage smoke is used in ritual cleansing and purification, also called smudging.

Enjoy the soft and light aroma of cannabis flowers

Feng Shui
5 in 1: metal, wood, water, fire and earth, Feng Shui Incense. All 5 elements, each having individual 4-stick packs inside, each color coded, yellow for earth, red for fire, brown for metal, blue for water, and green for wood.

First sound of the universe om incense is the symbol of the faithful prayer rising in heaven.

This incense offers a sweet floral fragrance with a touch of rose that goes perfectly with romantic candlelight.

Good Health
A general good feeling of well being can settle over you after lighting this lovely green, leafy, gently healing scent.

First Rain
The smell of rain after a long dry season. A fresh smell of the forest after rain.

Sea Breeze
A delicious fresh strong sea scent that reminds you of hot summer days. This fragrance helps to clear your thoughts and stimulates optimism and confidence.

The fragrant aroma creates a woodsy atmosphere for those longing for the natural scent of an cedar forest or thinking of a quiet day by the lake or in the mountains. 

Precious Fragrance
A mystical aroma that touches many chords in the conscious and subconscious mind.

Rain Forest
The fresh smell of a rain forest and deep outdoor feeling will make you feel calm and peaceful.

Good Luck
Light this richly scented incense with sandal to create a mood in which you can bring Good Luck into your life

An exquisite presence of roses, and rightly so. The association of love with roses is popular, ancient, spiritual, and metaphysical.   Light this incense and feel the presence of love all around you.

Pure House
Pure House Incense is believed to purify the aura surrounding your home and gives peace. Enhance your pooja experience with this special incense.

Morning Mist
The aroma of a walk after a rainy day. Wake up and enjoy the aroma of morning mist without leaving home.

Burn this scent for cleansing and purifying your space.

Anti Stress
If you want a stress free life burn this anti-stress incense. Its rich aroma helps to create positive and healthy life.

Weight: 50 grams
Dimensions total package: 25 cm x 3 cm x 3 cm
Material: Incense
Certification: None
Country of origin: India
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