Kanika coconut ladle Ø 9-12 cm

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Success guaranteed in the kitchen and at the dinner table with this handmade ladle from a Fair Trade project in Thailand.
The handle of wood is partially decorated with plaited reeds and the bowl is made of coconut. Good for use as a soup or sauce spoon but without actually using this spoon it does a wonderful job as a kitchen ornament.

The size of the ladle can vary in length and in the size and shape of the bowl. The total length of the spoon varies between 30 cm and 40 cm, and the coconut bowl varies between 9 cm and 12 cm.
Weight: 75-100 grams
Dimensions: 30-40 cm x 9-12 cm x 9-12 cm
Material: wood, coconut, reed
Certification: Fair Trade
Country of origin: Thailand
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