Love Generation Meditation mat EKO

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Love Generation traditional meditation mat (Japanese zabuton) made of strong unbleached EKO-canvas (100% cotton), filled with organic EKO fluffy seeds of the cotton plant. The way the fabric is stitched makes the mat resilient. The mat supports your legs & ankles during your meditation session, but is also suitable for yin yoga. The cover can be removed and is washable.

The dimensions of the mat are 80 cm x 80 cm x 7 cm and has a (removable) EKO certification mark. You can combine this cushion with the round or heart shaped EKO cotton cushions to create the desired heights or match with the EKO cotton rug. 

Laundry tips: This is a natural product and therefore wash at a maximum of 40˚C to avoid shrinking of the fabric. Regularly shake the mat and take it outside for airing, preferably in the sun.
Weight: 5000 grams
Dimensions: 80 cm x 80 cm x 7 cm
Material: cotton
Certification: EKO
Country of origin: India
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