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Environmentally friendly thermos from the brand THANK YOU, this bottle is completely eco! Take your own tea or coffee for after your yoga and meditation classes or ... take it to your work.

This bottle can withstand temperatures up to 100°C (212°F) and is suitable for hot drinks. The cork wrapping is an excellent insulator, and whatever you put into it will stay hot for quite some time.

The sleeve is made of granulated cork waste and then compressed. The bottle is made of natural quartz sand (60%) and recycled white glass (40%). The wooden cap is made of beech wood and FSC certified. The inner cap is made from wooden bio-mass, natural resins and waxes, starch, cellulose, natural oils. The rubber band is made of natural caoutchouc compound.

THANK YOU bottles
Why are the bottles Thank You?

These are the first bottles in the world that are made of 100% natural materials that are 100% biodegradable. If our earth could talk, it would say to each user: Thank you!

The dimensions of the bottle are 21 cm x 7 cm x 5 cm and is suitable for hot and cold drinks. The contents of the flask is 0.3 liters. Attention! Only the glass bottle is allowed in the dishwasher, the cap and cork sleeve may only be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Weight: 293 grams
Dimensions: 21 cm x 7 cm x 5 cm
Material: glass, cork, wood, caoutchouc, metal
Certification: 100% eco friendly
Country of origin: Switzerland
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