Yogi & Yogini candle set Earth

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Candle set Earth made of 100% stearin. These handmade candles contains 100% pure stearin (palm oil) and don't have a scent. 

The burning time of a candle is 18 to 20 hours and the packaging contains three candles in the colours pink, dark pink and brown. The dimensions of a candle are 8 cm x 5.5 cm x 5.5 cm.

Fair Trade
This stearin (palm oil) candles are handmade in Indonesia. The production of candles is kept manually, so many people have work. Eighty percent of the employees are women.

Environmentally friendly
This stearin or palm wax comes from a renewable resource that always can be replanted. Free of petrochemical components, has a pure and steady flame. Stearin candles do not smoke, have a pure cotton wick and do not contain lead or zinc. By using certified palm oil and sustainable packaging materials these candles are an environmentally friendly product.

Weight: 600 grams
Dimensions: 7.5 cm x 9 cm x 6 cm
Material: cotton, stearin
Certification: Fair Trade, GreenPalm
Country of origin: Indonesia
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