Meaning of the gemstones

Here you'll find the meaning and features of several semi precious gemstones. Click on the name of the gemstone to see all belonging products.

Agate is a grounding, stabilizing and protective stone. The stone promotes inner peace and a calm, sober attitude. It stimulates spiritual and mental growth by taking distance and looking at anything more objectively.

Amazonite or feldspar brings balance and neutralizes mood swings. This stone helps you to determine your own destiny and let sense and intuition work together harmoniously.

Amber is a fossil stone. The stone strengthens the faith in yourself and makes you feel carefree. The stone also stands for mercy and trust.

Amethyst stands for clarity, justice and inner peace. This stone helps you to handle feelings of sadness, grief and loss. Your judgment is improved, but also being constructive in thought and action.

Aqua aura
Aqua aura quartz is a protective and medicinal stone with a strong effect on the aura. The stone liberates you from restrictions and protects against negative energy. The stone activates the throat chakra, which enhances to express your feelings and improves communication.

Aquamarine is a spiritual stone and gives a foresighted look. The stone promotes stamina, gives your discipline, works calmly and helps you to have a relaxed attitude. The perfect stone to wear during meditation.

Aventurine is calming, protective, and helps you to be carefree. From the subconscious, the stone helps you when you are nervous or when having stress and sleep disorders. Letting go of worry and round grinding thoughts.

Yellow calcite represents self-esteem. It strengthens your steadfastness during disagreements. It increases security, joy of life and self-esteem.

Carnelian stands for courage and positivity. This stone helps you to be steadfast, in a good mood and gives courage and decisiveness. It also helps you to be pragmatic.

Citrine is a sunny, warm stone and is one of the seven chakra stones. The stone gives courage to face life, brings joy and promotes self-expression. Citrine also helps with depression and to process impressions and understand them.

Cosmo aura
Cosmo aura quartz gives you energy and zest for life by activating all the energy centers in your body. The stone can help you with difficult relationships by giving insight into these relationships at all levels, which can create more harmony.

Fluorite stands for order, purification and liberation. The stone helps increase your emotional stability and inner peace. It helps you to concentrate and improve your memory.

Golden aura
Golden Aura quartz or sunshine aura is a protective stone with a strong effect on the aura. The stone cleanses and stimulates the solar plexus and removes old emotions (trauma). The energy of this stone is powerful and extremely active.

Goldstone stands for power and energy. The stone gives hope, promotes a positive view on life and works upbeatly. It has a positive effect on depressions and it promotes individuality, ambition to help you achieve your goals.

Garnet is the perfect stone for crises. The stone gives power and energy, perseverance, endurance, self-confidence, willpower and vitality. It promotes hope and courage, optimism, joy of life and survival.

Hematite represents progress and commitment. It helps you strive to improve your living conditions and achieve your goals with vigor.

Howlite stands for independence and diligence. This stone helps you to shape your life the way you want and gives awareness of your own actions.

Jade is a cleansing and protective stone and ensures harmony and balance. The stone promotes self-fulfillment and self-reliance and helps to release negative emotions. The stone helps you to get a balance between rest and activity.

Jasper works terrestrial and protective. The stone helps you to go for it 100%. It makes sincere, honest, helpful and balances body, soul and mind. The stone absorbs negative energy and thus protects against radiation and negative influences.

Labradorite stands for reflection and truth. This stone helps to strengthen your intuition and to deepen your emotional life. Memories can come back and helps to recognize illusions.

Lapis lazuli
Lapis Lazuli is the stone of truth and stands for its own responsibility, authenticity and intelligence. This stone helps you gain control over your own life, express yourself and promote intelligence.

Lava stone
Lava stone unites the energy of fire and earth, whereby the earthly energy tempers the fire a bit. It increases your willpower, gives courage and makes you strong and persistent. The stone encourages action and gives you the perseverance to complete a project or plan.

Moonstone stands for female energy and the moon. It enhances your intuition so that you are open to insights and impulses (visibility). It deepens your sense and balances your hormonal system. The stone also helps you to sleep better and remember your dreams.

Malachite stands for intense life and adventure. This stone helps you to improve your determination and imagination, and deepen your feelings. It is a very feminine stone that enhances your intuition.

Mookaite is a grounding and protective stone. The stone promotes variety and new experiences. It makes you more flexible, adventurous and imaginative, making the best choice for multiple choices.

Mahogany obsidian makes you powerful and brings power and initiative. The stone helps you to process old emotions and the distress about it. The essence or truth of things becomes clear through new insights.

Onyx stands for perseverance and strength. This stone helps you to strengthen your self-awareness and sense of responsibility; as well as logical thinking and argumentation.

Pink opal or Andean opal stands for cordiality. This stone can help you overcome inhibitions, shame and shyness and can promote affection. It can make you more friendly and open in thinking and acting.

Opalite or sea opal helps to treat emotions, embarrassment and helps with stress. Opalite can increase your inner strength and confidence. It promotes communication and helps you express deeper emotions when it comes to changes in your life.

Pearls bring tranquility, peace and enlightenment. It can have a purifying effect on body, mind and soul. It stimulates qualities such as honesty, integrity, understanding, insight, wisdom and acceptance (of yourself and others). It helps release stress and negative emotions such as anger and guilt and brings balance.

Peridot stands for growth and personal development. This gemstone can help you break through patterns and let go of everything that no longer fits in your life and holds back your growth. It can combat self-destructive behavior, energy-guzzling situations and addictions.

Rhodochrosite makes you active, dynamic and makes work easy to handle. It helps you be excited, spontaneous and happy. The stone stands for universal love and helps in attracting love relationships.

Rhodonite aids in both emotional and physical wound healing. It helps you to forgive and promote mutual understanding in conflict situations. First aid for panic, fear and confusion so that you remain calm in extreme situations.

Rose quartz
Rose quartz stands for love, openness and helpfulness. This stone helps you to love and improve compassion and promotes harmonious cohabitation and romance. It is the stone of the child and the artist.

Serpentine stands for care and thus promotes support and mutual help. The stone can help to reduce stress and tension and can balance mood swings. The stone brings you into balance and supports meditation.

Sodalite stands for searching for the truth. It raises your awareness, idealism and truthfulness. The stone takes away feelings of guilt and promotes faithfulness in yourself in every situation.

Tiger Eye
Tiger Eye helps with stress and situations where you get a lot to handle and keep the balance. It sharpens your senses and creates distance when needed.

Turquoise is highly medicinal, purifying and protective. It brings you in balance, works uprising and helps protect against external influences. It gives insight into happiness and misfortune to not be a victim.

Sunstone stands for optimism and helps to have a positive attitude towards life. You recognize your own strengths and reduce anxiety, worry and depression by seeing life on the bright side.

Unakite stands for healing and insight. The stone helps you gain insight into mistakes and overcome any frustrations about them. The stone is calming, grounding and protects against electronic radiation.

White quartz
White quartz crystal is a stone with enormous medicinal power. The stone regulates, absorbs, gives energy and stores energy as needed in a particular situation. Mentally, this stone can promote concentration and clear thinking.