Privacy & security

To protect the safety and use of your personal information we adhere to the requirements of the Dutch law: Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens.

If you order something we do need some information from you, but it will not be more than we actually need. We need your email address to keep you informed about the progress of your order, and your name and address of course to send the package to. We prefer to have your phone number as well, not to harass you, but if you make a typo in your email address (as does happen with some people) we can no longer communicate with you (and you will also not receive confirmation of your order, payment, or shipping). Your telephone number, in this case, is an easy way to reach you. If you prefer to contact us yourself, no problem, our contact details can be found at Contact .

We will never provide your personal information to third parties, other than those parties necessary to fullfill your order. The only exception is that we send your email address to the Feedback Company. The Feedback Company provides you the opportunity to give your opinion about us. Customer satisfaction is very important for us and in order to examine it in an objective and reliable way, we asked Feedback Company to take care of it. And of course, the Feedback Company will also protect your personal data.
The complete terms of the Feedback Company can be found here (sorry, in Dutch)

When placing an order, you will have the option to create your own personal account with us which will then be linked to your email address and your own chosen password. With your own personal account you will be able to access and edit your personal information and will have complete access to your personal transaction history and much more.

To be sure you will not miss our latest news and offers we will send an email message (just once a month) to everyone subscribed. Try it, and if you do not want to receive these messages anymore, just click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom. You also have the option to follow our latest news on our Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest and Google Plus pages.

If you follow a link from this website to another website, then we are not responsible for the way the linked website handles your personal data. Please read the privacy policy of the site you visit. 

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Security of the online shop
The webshop is secured according to the 256-bit SSL standard. An SSL connection is an encrypted connection between a server and you as a visitor. SSL connections are easily recognizable by the https:// prefix in their URL. On pages that require data protection, for example the checkout area, you will be redirected to This is a secure environment.

The shop also operates through a secure data storage location, which uses a secure connection with a 256-bit SSL certificate. All data exchange between the store and the database is encrypted. Personal details, payment data and all other private data of customers will be sent / stored in encrypted form.

If you have any questions regarding the security or privacy of please feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist you if you need information about the security of your personal data stored with us.