Shanti means Peace and is member of the Fair Trade Federation and goldmember at Green American Certified Business. The jewelry are designed by Crystal in The Netherlands and the materials are bought & produced (Fair Trade) in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand or India. Shanti jewelry are made of 925 sterling silver or recycled messing, depending of the product.

Shanti donates a part of the profits of these jewelry to the Tibetan Children's Education Foundation, an organisation who takes care of the well-being and the education of Tibetan children in exile.

Meaning of the chakras

Chakra Colour Symbol Mantra Gemstone Meaning
Crown chakra (sahasrara) Purple Half globe Ohm Amethyst Enlightment, serenity, unity
Fore head chakra (ajna) Blue Star Ohm Iolite Intuition, insight, wisdom
Throat chakra (vishudda) Light blue Piramid Ham Apatite Communication, integrity, honesty
Heart chakra (anahata) Green Half moon Yam Peridot Love, compassion, unity
Solar plexus chakra (manipura) Yellow Globe Ram Citrine Will power, assertion, trust
Sacral chakra (svadhisthana) Orange Piramid Vam Carnelian Sensuality, creativity, growth
Root chakra (muladhara) Red Cube Lam Garnet Patience, strength, stability