Tushita has been a Fair Trade organisation since 1980 and supports Non Government Organisations (NGO's) worldwide for many years, like:

  • Nepal Prisoners Associations (social work with women & children in Nepalese prisons)
  • Nepal Womens Network (educational programs for integration)
  • Tibet Support Group Netherlands
  • Pauenhof e.V. Germany (cultural & charitable trust)
  • Students for a Free Tibet, USA (activists)
  • Tibet Initiative, Germany
  • and others.

All NGO’s are officially registered as social or charity organisations and under government supervision.

All products of Tushita are produced with environmental care:

  • All paper products are produced in Germany
  • They meet the environmental requirements for paper and inks
  • They avoid long ways of transportation
  • No products are produced in China (which is a silent protest against Chinese crimes in Tibet and the extreme environmential polution)
  • They cooperate with organisations of international Fairtrade standards