Dakini Mountain Meditation

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This music is promoted by Osho Tapoban Forest retreat center in Kathmandu. This center has a sole objective of enhancing the quality of life as per the vision of Osho. Located at the outskirts of Kathmandu Valley amidst the Himalayan forest, Nagarjuna attained enlightment after 30 years of meditation. 

1. Song of silence 
2. Morning dew
3. Sound of running water
4. Call of jungle
5. Love 
6. You and me
7. Mountain meditation 

Composed by Shyam S. Nepali in cooperation with the following artists:

Flute: Umesh Pandit
Flute: Balram Gurung
Singing bowl: Shyam & Aman
Didgeridoo: Sabi Rijal 

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