Dakini pendant Shrivatsa

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Pendant made of sterling silver (925) with the never ending knot symbol, a design of Dakini. The endless knot is derived from the ancient Indian symbol, the Shrivatsa. It symbolizes prosperity, long life and infinity.

The pendant will fit on the cotton-suede strings or on a silver necklace. The pendant is available in sizes:

Small: 2 cm x 1.5 cm x 0.1 cm (with ring 3.2 cm)
Medium: 3 cm x 2 cm x 0.1 cm (with ring 3.8 cm) 

This product is made Fair Trade in Nepal.


Weight: 1 - 2 grams
Dimensions total package: see product
Material: 925 sterling silver
Certification: None
Country of origin: Nepal
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