Dakini Tibetan protection amulet Medicine Buddha

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Tibetan protection amulet Medicine Buddha with the image of the Stupa in colours blue, red, yellow or orange. Medicine Buddha is also called: Sangey Menla (Tibet). Medicine Buddha is the Buddha of Healing. The amulet is made of silk and a paper with the mantra: "Tayata Om Bekandze Bekandze Maha-Bekandze Randza Samudgate Svaha". 

In Tibetan Buddhism is believed that wearing this amulet, protects from dangers, liberates from diseases, anger, harmful influences and brings good health and success.

This unique handmade Tibetan Buddhist protection amulet comes from the Bouddhanath Stupa in Nepal and is called Sung Khor. The amulet contains a paper mantra dipped in saffron water, then dried, folded, and wrapped with silk thread. Finally the protection amulet is blessed by a Buddhist Lama.

The dimensions of this amulet are 4 cm x 4 cm x 0.5 cm and comes with a coloured adjustable cord. A description of the amulet is available in languages Dutch or English.

Weight: 10 grams
Dimensions total package: 10.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 0.5 cm
Material: textile, paper
Certification: None
Country of origin: Nepal
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