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Handmade mala of amazonite and mangrove wood with a super beautiful large lotus as guru bead. The lotus is made of wood and has a red bead in the center of the flower.

The mala is knotted with double cotton thread with a mint green tassel at the end. This large necklace has 108 beads of 8 mm in size. This mala has more space between the beads so that you can easily slide the beads through during your meditation.

In Buddhism, the lotus is a sacred flower. She symbolises purity, beauty, perfection, sweetness of mind, peace, creative power and the eternal cycle of things. The lotus flower with its beauty emerges from muddy, dark depths. Water and dirt do not attach to the lotus flower. The mangrove wood is known for it's magnificent and characteristic roots. Amazonite or feldspar brings balance and neutralizes mood swings. This stone helps you to determine your own destiny and let sense and intuition work together harmoniously.

The length of the mala is approximately 58 cm and it reaches approximately to your diaphragm. This mala comes with a beautiful brocade mala bag and a card with explanation. Each mala is made with care, the materials are carefully selected, each design is different and therefore unique. While making this mala I recited positive thoughts and the word: balance so that "Balance" is passed on to you :-)

JewelryByM is my own brand and you have a 100% guarantee on the jewelry I have made.

Weight: 80 grams
Dimensions total package: 58 cm x 0.8 cm x 0.8 cm
Material: wood, cotton, carnelian
Certification: None
Country of origin: The Netherlands
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