Lotus seeds for small lotus flowers

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Lotus flower gift box with three seeds of a mini lotus. The mini lotus is available in white, yellow, pink and light blue. This lotus is suitable to grow indoors and outdoors. A card explaining how to grow the lotus, a mantra and a picture of a painting by artist Nicolaï is included. The box is large enough to insert one of the silver lotus jewelry.

The handmade gift box is made of cream-colored lokta paper with a handmade button. A lotus flower is engraved on the button and you can choose whether you want the button in cream or dark brown.

The dimensions of the box are as follows: 5 cm x 5 cm x 2.5 cm and the double map is A6.

By purchasing this product you support two families who earn their living by making the lokta boxes and lotus buttons.

| Inge Bergsma

Tijdige levering en een mooi doosje met drie zaadjes.
Wel heel jammer dat er naast het kaartje met betekenis en kunstwerk, niet even een kweekinstructie is toegevoegd...
Dit kan dan wel op de site worden opgezocht, maar waarom niet simpel toevoegen bij de zending?

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