Necklace popcorn

Article number: MW20140959-45cm
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Necklace popcorn from Bali made of sterling silver (925). The chain consists of small balls of silver, therefore it is named popcorn. The color is dark silver and fits nicely with the silver prayer boxes and other pendants from Bali.

The chain has a thickness of 1.4 mm is available in length of 45 cm and 60 cm, and has a round clasp. The chain is somewhat elastic.

Tip: To determine the right length of your necklace: please measure the length of your favorite necklace (from start to end), or use a piece of string and cut it to size of the chain you want to order. Also take into account the length of the pendant that you want to wear with it; a long pendant would suit better with a shorter necklace. 
Weight: 2 grams
Dimensions total package: see product
Material: 925 sterling silver
Certification: None
Country of origin: Indonesia
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