Tibetan pendant prayerwheel L

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Large silver Tibetan prayerwheel pendant from Nepal. Handmade sterling silver pendant (925) with turquoise stones and red coral and copper Tibetan signs. Inside the prayerwheel is a prayer scroll present with the mantra "Om mani padme hum".

Om mani padme hum is a Buddhist mantra of compassion. It means "Hail to the jewel of the lotus." It is difficult to translate, but approximately it means: we must look within ourselves to find the peace of Buddha, the jewel is in the lotus.

The dimensions of the pendant are 5 cm x 2,2 cm x 0.4 cm and there are two smaller versions available. This product is fairly bought by us.
Weight: 11 grams
Dimensions total package: 5 cm x 2,2 cm x 0.4
Material: silver, turquoise, red coral
Certification: Fair Trade
Country of origin: Nepal
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