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Thangka "Shakyamuni Buddha" of Tibetan Buddhist Art. Thangkas are Tibetan scroll paintings. This thangka is a high quality reproduction on canvas of the original thangka painted by Carmen Mensink. The reproduction is framed beautifully in the traditional brocades in Nepal. Shakyamuni Buddha is The Buddha - The Awakened One. With this thangka a bookmark card is supplied with the following text:

The Buddha (Shakyamuni Buddha) - The Awakened One. We often refer to Buddha Shakyamuni (his official name) as simply 'The Buddha'. He is the historical founder of the Buddhism of our time. Around 2500 years ago this figure was born as a prince called Siddharta Gautama. He reached the enlightened state at age 35 and thereafter was called 'Buddha', meaning the Awakened One or Enlightened One.

After he reached this highest state of consciousness he started traveling through northern India, to offer his insights and teachings to a diverse range of people, and he did so for the remaining 45 years of his life until he died at age 80. The community of Buddhist monks and nuns (Sangha) that followed in the Buddha's footsteps, helped pass on the Dharma teachings after he died. That is why so many centuries later we are still inspired by his wonderful teachings.

The dimensions of the thangka are: top 38.5 cm, bottom 45 cm and length 62 cm. The image of the reproduction is approximately 20,5 cm x 28 cm.

This thangka is a design by Tibetan Buddhist Art - Copyright: © Carmen Mensink.

Weight: 130 grams
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Material: canvas, fabric, wood
Certification: None
Country of origin: The Netherlands / Nepal
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