Tibetan Buddhist Art postkaart Groene Tara

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Postkaart "Groene Tara" van Tibetan Buddhist Art. Groene Tara is de Bodhisattva van de Verlossing en de Redding ofwel de moeder van alle Boeddha's en wordt in het Tibetaans ook wel Dolma of Drolma genoemd. Op de achterzijde staat de mantra van Groene Tara en de volgende Engelse tekst:

Green Tara, the female manifestation of active compassion, reaches out her hand to grant all wishes and, with her right foot outstretched, she is ready to step down and help all who call upon her. Tara is one of the most revered deities in Tibetan Buddhism and there are numerous stories of people that were saved from fears and difficulties while calling her name or reciting her mantra.

Tara, born as a princess called Yeshe Dawa, reached bodhicitta as the result of her untiring practice. One can say that she was one of the first emancipated women. When other - male - practitioners told her to pray for reincarnation in a male body in order to reach enlightenment, she made the following strong vow: "Until Samsara is empty, I shall work for the benefit of all sentient beings in a woman's body." By mastering extremely profound states of meditation she developed great skills in liberating others and therefore she is also called The Swift liberator.

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Klein (A6): 14,8 cm x 10,6 cm x 0,1 cm (met of zonder bordeaux-rode envelop)
Groot (A5): 21 cm x 14,8 cm x 0,1 cm

Deze kaart is een uitgave van Tibetan Buddhist Art - Copyright: © Carmen Mensink.

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