Tibetan Buddhist Art postkaart Tara

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Postkaart "Tara" van Tibetan Buddhist Art. Deze Tara is één van de 21 Tara's en biedt bescherming tegen gifstoffen en Naga-gerelateerde ziektes. Op de achterzijde staat de volgende Engelse tekst:

This Tara, who is part of the 21 Tara's, is painted in the 'Surya Gupta'-lineage. Surya Gupta was a 9th century Kashmiri pandit (scholar) and, in this old Indian tradition, Tara is depicted with four arms. Two hands are raised above her head, in the mudras of Supreme Joy and holding two hooks. The right hand on Tara's knee is in the gesture of Supreme Generosity and the fourth hand holds a lotus with a Dharma book.

This Tara who is also known as 'Tara, the Victorious One', sits on a goose or a peahen and is said to protect from poisons and Nagas (snake-like creatures), as to snakes themselves, scorpions and other animals whose venom can harm or kill. Within the mind, this Tara protects from wrong views and from dullness of mind.

Deze kaart is verkrijgbaar in de volgende formaten:

Klein (A6): 14,8 cm x 10,6 cm x 0,1 cm (met of zonder bordeaux-rode envelop)
Groot (A5): 21 cm x 14,8 cm x 0,1 cm

Deze kaart is een uitgave van Tibetan Buddhist Art - Copyright: © Carmen Mensink.

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